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The Lap! Bag


The Lap! Bag is perfect in its simplicity. Do you like a smooth bag that fits you perfectly? Not too big, not too small. Great for women and men! If you look at the details, you see that this bag consists of a large piece of leather and belt that runs on the side and also forms the bottom. The combination of leather and daim makes it entirely special. James Van Vossel is the designer of this bag. A creative soul who also designed the famous Theo glasses, Thonet chairs and even more beautiful objects.
The bag is  entirely made in Limburg at the Stikkerij of Bewel, a custom-made company. Each bag has a label with a text from the maker. And there is also a postcard that you can send back to the maker of your bag!

This brand likes to build a world where everyone can use their talent.
A world of 37 degrees, human warmth.


smooth cow leather that becomes even more beautiful through usage.

38cm x 28cm + (belt: 112cm)

37 °