Adriaan Tas


Adriaan Tas studied Graphic Design at LUCA School of Arts (Ghent) and Furniture Design at Thomas More (Mechelen). In his work the boundaries between these interests tend to fade, often considering the seemingly two-dimensional field of graphic design in a three-dimensional manner. In addition, his work shows a great interest in formal tranquillity, an overall approach and attention to execution.

The objective of his design process is to create things that have a strong relation to its intended user, and preferably one that is more valuable than its merely functional purpose. The exact properties of such an object are difficult to predefine but might best be described as objects with a ‘supernormal’ quality, that feel indisputably familiar, but yet have a unique and specific character. Adriaan was head of Scenography & Graphic Design for Toegepast 20.

Core Discipline(s)

Graphic Design