Billie Van Nieuwenhuyzen


Billie Van Nieuwenhuyzen recently graduated as object & jewelry designer. Besides a jewelry designer she considers herself a maker and a material developer. Her interests lay in rethinking and reinventing waste material. With her recent project named EDELPLAST, she seeks the value of cable waste through concept, process and form.EDELPLAST is a research project that explores the possibilities of reinventing cable waste into a new, precious material.

“With high-tech waste being a product of our fast paced throwaway lifestyle, I chose to hand weave the wires, a very slow and traditional technique. Through this contrast I am expressing critique concerning our consumer society. The flat woven surfaces are pressed and melted, followed by cutting techniques to create intricate patterns.”

The patterns can range from very graphic images to almost marble like patterns, researching when something might be seen as precious. Graduated as a jewellery designer and silversmith, the first objects made out of EDELPLAST material are jewellery pieces.

Core Discipline(s)

Object & Jewellery