Davy Grosemans


Belgian designer Davy Grosemans (°1976) is fascinated by objects that have been around for a long time and don’t look designed at all. Often, his designs are inspired by archetypes. By transforming the characteristics of these archetypes, he instills his designs with an almost iconic quality that makes them instantly recognizable but alienating at the same time. In 2001 he sets up his design studio das ding, based in Brussels. One of the main objectives of the studio is to develop objects and experiments into fully functional and commercial products, in cooperation with manufacturers. This has led to award-winning products such as the FrouFrou parasol for Sywawa and the Son of Eddy lamp for Dark. The product he is most known for is the Lungo for Xala, a watering can shaped like a coffee pot. Besides product design, the studio focuses on more experimental work, varying from conceptual design, limited editions and interior design.

Core Discipline(s)

Product Design