Henry Baumann


During his three years training in metalwork, Bauman learned to work heavy machinery, something that would come in handy later on. He then left for the ABK in Maastricht to study Productdesign. But a visit to friends living an alternative lifestyle in a Portuguese colony piqued his interest: Baumann decided to stay, and ended up living and working there for five years. While he got the chance in Portugal to create products out of recycled materials for the project’s shop, he had the constant urge to strike out on his own path and get his degree. And he did just that in 2012, specifically with his project 130 strawberry boxes, in which each wooden element of 130 wooden strawberry boxes was carefully taken apart and reassembled into a series of tables and a lamp. Henry is a laureate of Toegepast 18.

Core Discipline(s)

Visual Arts