Kevin Oyen


Kevin Oyen (born 1986, works in Bilzen) comes from an artistic family that has set up a business in metal construction. While helping his father, Kevin Oyen got trained as an artisan metalworker. Together they worked regularly with designers such as Peter Donders. This triggered Kevin’s interest for design and art. So he decided to go to Autralia where he worked as an assistant to the artist Matthew Harding. Inspired by his large-scale art works in public space, Kevin Oyen came back to Belgium to study product design at the Academy of Fine Arts of Hasselt and furniture design with Peter Donders. Afterwards he founded his own studio Aycko.

In his unique design pieces he fully explores his talent for refined craftsmanship, metal working and welding techniques. Doing so, he created an innovative, flexible material out of metal waste that explores the boundaries of materials and goes beyond traditional recycling. Inspiration for shaping his objects he gets from nature. This artist-designer is seen as a master smithy.

Core Discipline(s)

Product Design