Pieter-Jan Pieters


Pieter-Jan Pieters took lessons at Sint-Lucas in Antwerp for the last three years of high school. This formed an ideal basis for his training at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. He opted for man and mobility, because it is one of the most realistic and industrially focused paths. Given that Pieters had always dreamed of making music, but that music school was not there for him as he couldn’t read a note, he decided to bundle his interests in music, design and technology into a series of musical instruments of his own design. His graduation project, Sound on intuition, literally gave everyone the chance to make music in an intuitive and very simple manner. Pieters created a device that transforms the rhythm of your finger into sound, another which sets your handwriting to music and, thanks to Pieters, even your heartbeat can be musical. The various instruments are able to make long or short notes and compose an entire song. Pieters has won many prizes with this project, and is currently running OWOW, a multidisciplinary design and marketing agency with new products, Apps, platforms and campaigns.

Core Discipline(s)