Rocco Verdult


Studio Rocco Verdult designs the ‘gathering of people.’ Target-audience, location and theme are the foundation for a selection of concepts of which we choose from together with our client. This might be the decoration of a business event, an inner city marketing stunt, or a social project that creates cohesion in a neighbourhood. Rocco Verdult also shares his expertise in various workshops and sessions in educational institutions and in corporate businesses. He aims to offer a different view to people on situations, problems and their own surroundings. Musing in fantasy is his intention! In 2008, he graduates from the Design Academy Eindhoven with his project Tijdelijke Ontmoetingsplekken, after which he gains publicity as a social designer. His daring approach is seen as innovative in the design world and he has received several awards for it. In 2009, he starts Studio Rocco Verdult. Rocco is a laureate of Toegepast 15.

Core Discipline(s)

Social Design