Studio Waow


Studio waow: graphic, design, art, direction.
Founded in 2013, focusing on freelance work for clients in the cultural sector. We have made logo’s, illustrations, posters and designs for fashion companies, artists, musicians and a modelling agency from city’s around the world such as Brussels, Paris, London, Hong Kong and New York. Some of our former clients: Killygrind, Charmour, Print All Over Me, HVTE, Microwave Hong Kong, Siege, AKA, Cultuurplatform, The Agent, …

Contact us in case of an assignment or project ranging from graphic design to product design, from renders to art and from styling to art direction.

2006-2009: Architecture (secundary school)
2009-2013: Bachelor’s degree in graphic design
2013-2014: Master’s degree in graphic design
2014-2016: Bachelor’s degree in fine arts (magna cum laude)
2016-2017: Master’s degree in fine arts