Dieter Rams documentary in C-Mine

“Rams”, the documentary about Dieter Rams, can be seen in C-mine on Monday 6 May. An exclusive premiere. After all, the film by the American Gary Hustwit can be seen in our country for the first time. The German product designer is one of the most influential designers.

The grandmaster of post-war functionalism preached the gospel of “Weniger aber besser” (less and more) that is followed by many.
In this documentary, Gary Hustwit focuses on the figurehead of functionalism. Dieter Rams worked from 1955 to 1997 for the German company Braun, first as an architect and interior designer, and then as head of the product design department. In addition, he also entered into a partnership with the Danish-based furniture manufacturer Vitsœ, then called Vitsœ-Zapf.

Rams preached purity and simplicity and managed to compress his design philosophy in the mid-1970s to the famous “Ten principles for good design”. His design language was appreciated by the general public who bought and used the (household) products on a daily basis, as well as by generations of designers and names such as Jonathan – Apple – Ive, Naoto Fukasawa and Jasper Morrison.

The documentary “Rams” brings a comprehensive picture of this influential man. For Hustwit this is not a first. He previously made the documentaries “Helvetica” and “Objectified”, and in the latter Dieter Rams already had a cameo. In 2016, he decided through a kickstarter campaign to raise money to make the documentary “Rams” in which he wanted to frame the man’s influence on contemporary design. Ram’s vision of sustainability is also discussed, as you see at a certain moment the German strolling through the streets of London and entering an Apple store to strum some iPhone rather stoically. A particularly cinematic plea for “consumeless”, after which Dieter Rams concludes with a significant saying: “Less but better is not just a design concept – it’s also about our behavior.”

The film “Rams” was purchased by C-mine design center and will be shown on Monday, May 6 at 8:00 PM. Tickets cost 8 euros (or 6 euros for those under the age of 26). Be quick.