Dreamscaper @smartlab


Johan Bruninx presents his ‘Dreamscaper’ at Smartlab.  The live streaming of ACT VII will be screened in Z33 on the occasion of his presentation during the Hasselt Kunstennacht 2018 (May 3).

Johan Bruninx graduated as a product designer at the Eindhoven Design Academy in 2007. With a porfolio full of “strange objects”, Bruninx assembles artefacts from different universes into his own …with references to icons, from famous toys to cult movies.  His credo: ‘it ‘s not what it is, it ‘s what you think it is”. He writes stories in 3D, stories with a history and a future.  The borderline between plastic and applied arts is Bruninx biotope.  For ACT VII he walks this line …made to measure.