The world of Leo Timmers

For the 10th anniversary of the new Bib, illustrator Leo Timmers put together this unique interactive exhibition. Life-size and enchanting. An eye-opening exhibition for all ages.


Leo Timmers (48, lives in Houthalen and born in Genk) drew and wrote his first comic book at the age of eight. His official debut as an illustrator was in 1993 with “Ted en Netje” by Agnes Verboven soon followed by his own comic books. Among those a couple of renowned titles like Wie Rijdt?, Garage Gust, Franky, Meneer René, Diepzeedokter Diederik, Kraai en Boem!.

Take a deep dive with Diepzeedoktor Diederik, get on the tram with Ziggy or park your car in the Gust’s garage. An eye-opening exhibition for all ages.

To realise his objects, Leo Timmers collaborated with students of Industrial Design of the Art School in Genk, under the supervision of designer Jan Kuppers.

4.03 – 25.08, Bibliotheek Genk, Stadsplein 3 – ground floor, free