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‘Once in a while everybody needs a new haircut’ – series of 160 broches


Roedeer LL 1501 is a wall installation, consisting of 160 individual, circular and numbered brooches that together form a limited series from 1 reed skin. With Hide, the Fragment, Lore Langendries presents a new phase in her work. It reveals or conceals, depending on how close it is to your skin. It still calls up associations with the animal from which it is cut, or the pattern or shape just elicits new references. By shaving the existing fragments, new structures of matter emerge.


Brooch size – Shaved:
50mm x 50mm

Roe skin, harness leather and magnets

Order 1 of the 160 brooches with their new haircut. They are all surprisingly different.
>> we also sell the brooches – Original (unshaved) in this store.