Some forms are omnipresent or, at least, generally recognized. These archetypal forms, however simple they may seem, often bring about innovating results when taken out of their original context and used as a new point of departure for furniture design.
By playing with dimensions in his graduation project Schaal n°1, Casimir spurred confusion on the form of the dish and its supposed function. Does this dish remain a dish or is it a table? Eventually, it is up to the user to decide whether Schaal n°1 should be a dish, a side table, … or simply an object.Schaal n°3 varies with Schaal n°1 and Schaal n°2 in its form.
While Schaal n°1 and Schaal n°2 both are segments of a hollow sphere, Schaal n°3 is a sector of a hollow sphere. This explains the respective flat (n°1, n°2) or oblique (n°3) edges on the dishes. Its bottom is also arched. Its weight and its lowered centre of gravity give Schaal n°3 enough stability.

Shell3 is handmade by Casimir Ateliers: ‘Master woodworkers specialized in high-end furniture by/for architects, artists and designers. Based in Antwerp, Belgium’.


Available in:
1) natural oak, oiled
2) solid oak, black

diameter 50 x 12 cm

Send us an email with your preference in colour (natural or black):