#mindMADders – Day 3

“Our day started again in the lovelace hotel at our exhibition place. People were coming here to get to another talk organized by current obsession and on their way there they all had to pass our exhibition, where we occupied them for us. During the talk we also had a bit of time, so some others and we were able to join. Anneleen Swillen, also from our school, currently working on her phd was hosting a talk about how online media is used within contemporary art jewelry practices. The different perspectives were really interesting to hear about. Especially nice was the introduction round at the end, where every listener introduced himself and explained why they are here.

After a late afternoon lunch, my shift at our exhibition space ended and for the first time this week I was able to look around and see other exhibition, for which I have been looking forward to! My personal highlight was the exhibition from gallery beyond. There were a lot of amazing works, and it was really enriching to see so many different contemporary ways to work with stones! Afterwards there we still a lot of people and especially groups from other jewelry schools coming to look around and we were happy to build some new bridges.”

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#mindMADders op de juwelenmarathon van Munchen