#mindMADders – Day 5

“Our morning at the exhibition space was much more relaxed then the days before, because usually a lot of people go to the IHM fair on Saturday. Still we had some visitors and interesting conversations and could focus on making our last buttons for our project! In the afternoon we also made our way to see the fair. There were a lot of presentations to be seen, for example from some important Galleries that present Jewellery, like the Gallery RA in Amsterdam or the Gallery Marzee from Nijmegen.

We really enjoyed just looking around and be able to see so much different Jewellery, some of which we had already seen during the Week, but now in a different context and compromised. Highlights on this day on the fair are the announcements of the winners of the „Schmuck“ and „Talente“  prices and the AJF Artists Award. After a full day of talking to jewellery artists and getting pretty much inspired by all the impressions of the fair, we went back to the lovelace hotel to break down our own exhibition. It is always a weird feeling to break something down that you have put so much work into building up! But it is also nice to collect everything together, like for example seeing all the drawings our visitors made during the week and realizing how much came together at the end. After this exciting and work-intensive week we have had, everything was put back together in our two cars and is ready to be brought home together with us in the next morning.”

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#mindMADders op de juwelenmarathon van Munchen