Design icon ‘Bleaut’ – Tim Vranken

Every other week, together with Sjiek / Het Belang Van Limburg, we propose a Limburg design icon, or one that is well on its way to becoming one. This week it’s Bleaut Stool by Tim Vranken.

Is this design?

With a simplicity of oak and a minimum of joining techniques, this is one side table that really intrigues. You can see from a distance and up close that this is design at the highest level.

What makes this special?

Bleaut Stool plays with geometric shapes. The two rectangular shelves that run against each other form a triangular conection with the circular table top. The spire carries the blade and depending on where you look, it looks flat and sleek or lightly refined.

Who comes up with such a thing?

Tim Vranken, a modern craftsman who likes to be guided by the time-honored profession. In love with knots and grain, ingenious in woodworking. The Bleaut Stool is also not painted black, but the oak wood is washed with rust water. Because when the tannic acid in the wood reacts to iron, it turns blue-black.

Can I buy that?

Hell yes. For the refined table of height 45 and width 27 centimeters you pay 520 euros, available at gallery Atelier Ecru in Ghent.

Our verdict?

Tim Vranken (° 1987) keeps a studio in Houthalen and focuses on solid, handmade furniture with pure materials and honest processing. Although a lot of his furniture and custom work are integrated into projects by the well-known interior architect Arjaan De Feyter, Vranken continues to build on an oeuvre. He is an absolute top talent who is cut from good wood and, in the tradition of grandmasters like Casimir, may only be guided by that same wood.