Design icon ‘°Bloc’ – Etre Moderne

Every other week, together with Sjiek / Het Belang Van Limburg, we present a Limburg design icon, or one that is well on its way to becoming one. This week it is ° bloc by Etre Moderne for Eden Design.

Is this design?

° bloc is clearly more than an ordinary lamp. Thanks to different light modules, you can align marble, wood, brass, but just as well anodized aluminum or another specific material from your own interior. At least as important is what you don’t see. The hanging system, for example. Good design is often invisible.

What makes this special?

The luxurious material combinations provide an unseen freedom in the world of high-end architectural lighting. ° bloc actually adds a new track to “track lighting” that is all too often uniformly black or white. It took no less than 2.5 years of development to make these complex lamps look so simple.

Who comes up with such a thing?

Etre moderne, the Hasselt design label of Philippe Vermeersch and Caroline Gielen, founded in 2015. As a product designer, Philippe mainly worked behind the scenes for both the architect-designer Bart Lens and the Genk lighting manufacturer Eden Design. Together the couple focuses on lighting, furniture and accessories.

Can I buy that?

Hell yes. The price of course depends on the materials you combine and the type of lighting. You can opt for spots, but also stripes and there is even an integrated hanging lamp. It is then called ° bloc bevel, meaning ° bloc on-command.

Our verdict?

The freedom of choice to combine different light sources in different materials – each with its own properties – is not easy. In addition, all “blocks” are neatly mounted in one line on a standard rail, without you noticing the complex electrical controls or adapters. That is cool. When ° bloc was launched in 2016, it shed new light on architectural lighting and not only let the producer Eden Design “shine” (with a German Design Award), but since then Etre Moderne finds itself in the spotlight.