Design icon ‘Survived 2.0’ – Lore Langendries

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    Christophe De Schauvre

Every other week, together with Sjiek / Het Belang Van Limburg, we propose a Limburg design icon, or one that is well on its way to becoming one. This week it is Survived 2.0 by Lore Langendries.

WHAT: Wall object made from deer skin

YEAR: 2019

The Zonhoven designer Lore Langendries (° 1988) has been a doctor in the arts since 2015 but has long been masterful in the artistic creation of contemporary jewelry and objects. She is fascinated by the capriciousness of nature in animal skins and new technologies such as laser cutting technology.


With her PhD, Langendries broadened out a whole new domain and coined the term “hunacturing”. She unites the concepts of Human, Nature and Manufacturing in a design practice: putting the focus on the beauty or capriciousness of animal skins by using laser technology to cut out fragments or perform treatments on them.

This Survived 2.0 object is so much more than a fragmentary gesture with skin and hair. It is a model of Langendries has developed a fine visual language in recent years. The way a photographer does, but not with photographs, but with sharp fragmentation of expressive structures. She focuses on natural hair directions or rather the unruly hair, even color variations.


With both manual and mechanical decisiveness, Lore Langendries strokes animal skins – and by extension the design discipline “object & jewelery” – against the hair. Of course, she is known for wearable and cuddly jewelery, but since she started the series “Hiding the fragment”, she has also shown larger objects. A sign on the wall, because a different scale and a different dimension. These wall brooches and tapestries did not go unnoticed and the international gallery circuit is also wildly enthusiastic. In the meantime, her work hangs at galleries from Amsterdam to Lisbon and from the Australian city of Melbourne to the American city of New York, where she also just had a large presentation.

Lore Langendries graduated from MAD faculty in Hasselt for almost ten years and has already developed a particularly rich and consistent oeuvre. Years of research into “Hunacturing” perhaps left her close to the skin of springboks, roe deer, cows or sheep; she does not hold it stubbornly. She and her oeuvre continue to grow and despite the maturity that beckons, she does not lose the wild hair. Trimming or at most combing is sufficient. Or as it says on the leaflet with her – with accompanying comb – it says: In a world where we keep longing for more, we risk falling out of touch with what we already have. The world beckons for her. That makes Survived 2.0 tangible.

Survived 2.0, 40 by 40 centimeters, has a target price of 960 euros. until 2 February 2020 can also be seen in the group show D’as Best – 16 at Zet, at in Heusden-Zolder.