A vase out of a 1000

Etre moderne, the design label from Hasselt by Philippe Vermeersch and Caroline Gielen, will present two vases during the Paris Design Week. Tilt and Shift, as they are called, will be part of ‘1000 Vases’, an exhibition in a scenography by the renowned Italian architect Roberto Baciocchi.

As of September 7th, The Paris Espace Commines will be completely filled with design vases. It promises to be a special presentation in which not only the power of the multitude – 1000 different artistic objects – plays an important role, it also symbolizes diversity and richness as if it were one big bouquet of creativity.

Philippe Vermeersch and Caroline Gielen are obviously over the moon to be part of this exhibition. “We do not present one, but two different vases. The Tilt is a 27 centimeter high and tilted cylinder made out of polished solid aluminum. Shift, on the other hand, is characterized by a profiled brass (high-gloss or brushed) or lacquered material “says Philippe Vermeersch, who works as a behind the scenes product designer at both Bart Lens and the Genk lighting manufacturer Eden Design.

“We are already receiving many positive responses to the vases , it sounds. “The Tilt costs € 235, while the prices for the Shift start at € 245 and, depending on the color combination, can vary to €455. The first numbered series is in high-gloss brass in combination with cobalt blue lacquered steel. (for sale in our online shop for €335)

Visit 1000 Vases from 7 to 11 September in combination with Paris Design Week and Maison & Objet (6 to 15 September).


Both vases are offered for sale in the online shop: