Format: new formula, new laureates

The laureates of FORMAT, the new mentoring trajectory organized by Z33, have been selected. The jury received more than eighty submissions from designers in a variety of disciplines, ranging from architecture and fashion to design in the broadest sense. The jury has selected nine laureates, two of whom work as duos.

The selection of Inès Péborde (ISURU Brussel urban design, Neo-herbalism), Bert Villa (Sint Lucas Gent Architecture, A Reappropriation Of Man-Made Structures), Sophia Holst (KUL Brussel Architecture, Common Space), Amandine David (DAE, Weaving code), Lukas Claessens (KUL Brussel Architecture, Digitale artefacten), Flora Miranda (KASK Antwerp Fashion, LaLaLand), Matthijs De Block (Sint Lucas Antwerp Conceptual Advertising, Copy me, AI) and the duos Jonas Althaus & Martina Huynh (DAE, 4D-Newsroom) and LeGrand Jäger (DAE, Karaoke booth) was based on their concrete project proposals, intrinsic talent and artistic potential.

The jury is firmly convinced of the laureates’ individual growth potential. Each of their project proposals was carefully scrutinized against a number of different criteria. These criteria might be summarized in terms like interesting, exciting, new and innovative. The strength of the project proposals was not the only parameter, however. Through this selection, the jury also seeks to establish a special group dynamic.

Over the coming months, the laureates will be mentored intensively to develop their artistic project with a production budget of 5,000 euro and to inaugurate the new Z33 building with a joint presentation. This is a unique opportunity, and there is no lack of ambition.

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