Raf Simons’ footsteps

A collaboration between Raf Simons and Adidas is nothing new and inspired on the recently launched Ozweego sneaker in the all-American colors for their Independance Day, they are about to treat us with a tricolore version. A tribute to Belgium where the release date (July 12) is aligned with our National Holiday; although that may be a little earlier this year.

If the Red Devils will unleash their successful fury on the French soccer team, the rush on this tricolore Ozweegos by Raf Simons may start in order to prevent watching the World Cup final barefoot. The exclusive RS Replicant Ozweego ‘Belgian National Day’ will be delivered worldwide through only 50 stores and will cost € 400. The black sneakers come with a red sole and a yellow ‘EVA heel cap’, they have recesses on the side instead of the transparent silicone windows we know from the original RS Ozweegos. Ideal to bring some coolness when the going gets rough, although you also get three pairs of socks to complete that tricolore look.

On a side, Joost Zweegers’ Novastar played on Rock Werchter’s Main Stage last Sunday for the first time and did so on Ozweego’s by Raf Simons. Zweegers lived for years in Neerpelt, the small-town village of another famous son, Raf Simons. Novastar and Zweegers’ happy feet are sole-mates with Wanderful.Design.