MagazineNews blogtour

For the launch of this platform, we organized a Blogtour. This tour is all about bringing passion and enthusiasm for design to our region. Not by using offline campagnes or commercials, but by bringing the topnotch of the European blogosphere we want to create added value.

We did the first blogtour #Limblogdesigntour in 2015 and it became more than a try-out. It was a magnificent way of communication by influencers. With a combined base of more than just a couple of 100.000 followers worldwide that share the same passion, there is no magazine nor paper in Belgium that matches the direct exposure to their potential client. Personal stories and experiences simply create more ripples in the vast ocean of lifestyle- and design communication. We are glad to have the Province of Limburg and Igor Philtjens – member of the Provincial Executive for Tourism, Culture and Heritage in Limburg – as a partner in creating the buzz around #wwwwanderfuldesign.