H-bench – Studio Segers

Studio Segers once more created an iconically designed bench made out of 100% recycled post-consumer plastics. Its design ensures functionality and comfort to melt together into a flexible modular concept. Its concept enables the creation of an endless bench, combining individual low or high modules in different colours facing different sides. The H-benches are introducing comfortable design for public furniture that brings joy. The H-bench is nominated for the Henry van de Velde awards in the category Ecodesign. 

For ECO-oh!, Studio Segers designed a ecological bench which contributes to the livelihood and attractiveness of public spaces and the city. A well functioning and properly equipped public space remains the motor of social life in a city or village. The bench finds its way to squares, stations, public domains, schools and beautiful places all over the city. Relaxing, meeting and communicating with new people is important in a healthy society. And H-bench is the medium of this social interaction in an ecologically responsible manner.

The H-Bench is manufactured from Polyolefine, made from recycled household plastic waste (yogurt pots, butterflies, plastic bags …) and is 100% recyclable. The bench has an iconic design and brings functionality, ergonomics, seating comfort, ecology and economy together into a flexible, modular seating system. It has two element options – with and without a backrest – that can be connected to each other modularly. A combination of these elements can create an endless bench.

With this socially thoughtful design, Studio Segers offers a sustainable alternative to household waste. By recycling this household plastic into valuable raw materials, this design helps to reduce the ever-growing waste stream. Central to this design is the idea of convincing people that waste can be useful for our living environment.

More info about the Henry van de Velde awards, click here.