Quarantaine illuminates As and coal

COFIT-20 are the new light objects of Atelier haute Cuisine, the label of Bernd Tyskens and Benny Conings. A nod to Covid-19 and the obligatory lockdown that brought both gentlemen back to their roots: the terrils in As. COFIT-20 pays homage to the simplicity of a light bulb with a classic fitting. 

Atelier haute Cuisine is known for its large, unique light sculptures in which they make replicas of trees, but also of the Anonymus Family. Their latest design is smaller in scale and is characterized by a jet-black stone. This block is made up of pieces of coal and coal waste that the designers collected during their walk on the mine terraces.

It is like a block on the leg of the incandescent lamp, because depending on how you fit the incandescent lamp in this block, you get a different incidence of light. A luminous invention to link a seemingly charred brutalistic block to a fragile light, especially as the designers use it to highlight their own roots. Once again, this is an idiosyncratic exploration of form and technique by Atelier haute Cuisine, which has been supplying special light sculptures as a label since 2009.

COFIT-20 has already been selected for the Londense Design Festival and is part of the virtual Belgian pavilion, curated by Elien Haentjens. The series of lamps counts only 100 copies and is offered for sale via Adorno for 413 euro.