#mindMADders – Day 1

“We started the day full of energy ready for the long day ahead. We went to the Lovelace hotel very early in the morning to start building our group installation for #mindMADders. We had a lot to do, so we divided ourselves in groups and shared tasks. We had the help our teacher and other kind people that want to see us doing a good job during this week. We cut the pink textile that had arrived late, set up the frames of and constructed our individual presentations.

Time flies past so fast when you’re focus and every minute was precious and before we knew it people were already arriving. There was a lot of other events going on in the first night, mostly not related to jewelry so it was also nice to take a break and enjoy the night. We did have some set backs during the day, not everything can be predicted but as a group we managed to find solutions and helped each other in moments of bigger stress. It was very nice to see people stepping up and taking hard decisions for the good of the collective exhibition. By the end of the day we were all very tired but still pushed each others to have a fun night in Munich!”

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#mindMADders at the Munich Jewellery Week