#mindMADders – Day 4

“Today the group split and half of us stayed at the exhibition keeping contact with people and giving buttons. There was a nice moment were we got to teach a little child a tinny bit about the concept of jewelry and our projects and we asked her to draw for us. The buttons she made turned out to be so pure and funny, without any fear or pressure to make a beautiful badge. The other half took part of the day to look around the city and see the exhibitions we were interested in.

We really took our time to see everything with no rush and to get to talk to the artists about their work. There were great moments were we got to talk to artists that we’ve been admiring for such a long time and we were surprise how approachable they were! We also attended the opening of Pinokotek and got to connect with old friends and students from older schools that helped promoting our exhibition as we helped promoting theirs!”

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#mindMADders at the Munich Jewellery Week