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More about Apuan
Apuan refers to the Apuan Alps in northern Tuscany. Between these mountains there are hidden “white golden” tops. Mountain roads meander along grooves and clouds of dust are blown over with a burst of falling stones.
The birthplace of the marble is Carrara, where beauty is traditionally chiseled from the mountainside, just like Michelangelo’s Pietà. The green-gray Alpi Apuane is permeated by white veins of metamorphosed limestone and calcium carbonate of the purest type. This is where the beauty sublimates and time is lost.

Marble is geologically a metamorphic limestone. When a thick layer formed on the bottom of the primeval sea – with lime from decayed crustaceans and shellfish – it was pushed down by tectonic shifts millions of years ago. In these deep layers, approximately 30 kilometers deep, a temperature of more than 400 ° C prevails, causing the lime layer to become heated and liquid. Shifts of the continental plates then caused these layers to come to the surface again and the pressure of millions of bar allowed the lime to crystallize and cool to marble.

Apuan places design for the block: it essentially pays tribute to beauty. The marble is selected and processed with the greatest care. The veins are significant, the format thought through, the inscription well considered. Apuan is a symbol, an object in which the purity of the metamorphic limestone is treated with an inscription that leaves traces. Subtle carved Apuan aims as an object on the paradox of discretion. It is a strikingly inconspicuous object that blocks the speed of life. It also places a message in perspective. Return to purity, back to simplicity and feel the centuries in that one massive block, formed by nature, carved by masters, Apuan adds word to the deed.


Apuan is a product line of Comosie.
There are three versions available: Less. / Some thing / Never the less
Carrara Marble
numbered in an edition of 15
6cm x 10cm

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