Frederik Delbart is Designer van het Jaar

Frederik Delbart has been awarded with the title of Designer of the Year by magazines Knack Weekend / Le Vif Weekend and the Biennale Interieur. A prestigious award for the 30-year-old designer from Alken (Limburg, Belgium) who was recently asked to be the central guest of the Belgium Art and Design fair and received a Henry Van de Velde label for his Sibling lamp he designed for Per / Use. Frederik’s name had been circulating for some time and already had a prominent ranking on many top-favourites lists for the Henry Van de Velde award for Young Designer and for this Designer of the Year election by Weekend Knack & Interieur, but : now it is there.

Frederik Delbart is a furniture and product designer with an unmistakable talent, but is also praised for his strategic design vision. “His designer language shows an unlikely authenticity”, according to the jury’s arguments. Delbart, currently art director at the Hasselt-based Recor Home, is also strategically involved with Quincalux and has designed for Aluci, Ars Fabricandi, Van Den Weghe Items, Moome and Per / Use.

It is the thirteenth time that the Designer of the Year is elected and Frederik Delbart succeeds Unfold and follows in the footsteps of, among others, Vincent Van Duysen (2016), Muller Van Severen (2015), Marina Bautier (2014), Jean-François D’Or (2013), Alain Gilles (2012), Nathalie Dewez (2011), Bram Boo (2010), Sylvain Willens (2009), Stefan Schöning (2008), Nedda El-Asmar (2007). The election started in 2006 – with Alain Berteau as the first laureate – and is a collaboration between the Designmuseum Gent, CID / Center d’innovation and the design Grand-Hornu. The aim is to put a Belgian designer in the spotlight, who has distinguished him- of herself in a remarkable way. In even years, the prize will be awarded during the Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk and lets the Designer of the Year take a central role; in the odd years it is accompanied by an exhibition in the ‘Musée du Grand Hornu’ in Hornu.

Portrait Frederik Delbart – Recor Home

As creative director of Recor Group, Frederik streamlines the five Recor Home collections. A difficult featto pull off, because altogether it involved more than 60 new products, many of which were by his hand. As a designer, however,it was not his first time…

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