Bird rings

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    Kobe Van Reppelen

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    Joke Timmermans

The title of a patent often leaves much to the imagination, and ‘improved bird ring’ is no exception. However, the applicant, Smisdom Plastics, named after founder Geert Smisdom, is an institution in the world of identity rings for birds, pigeons and poultry. Trading under the name Rings4Wings, Smisdom Plastics operates in a close, global community of enthusiasts. 

The E-Z Clipring, for example, offers a colourful and safe method of marking pigeons. However, pigeons are inclined to open a ring themselves, or shake it off. The E-Z Lockring helps avoid such cases of miscommunication. This kind of ring can only be opened or closed through human intervention. This is why it’s also ideal for chickens, turkeys, pheasants and other strong game birds.

Thanks to a technological development called ‘Laser Marking Technology’, the bird rings are extremely adaptable. Each ring bears personal identification information, ranging from serial and telephone numbers and names of codes to a host of other relevant information. Rings4Wings focuses firmly on birds and poultry, both for the recreational enthusiast and the professional user.

Smisdom Plastics is involved with more than identifying pigeons with the laser technology, the company is expanding into other fields; for example, plastic tokens and coins. Smisdom Plastics also offers a patented range of tackle box seats for anglers. One thing’s for sure: the company, which will celebrate its twenty-fifth anniversary in 2017, is a source of inspiration for everyone who enjoys recreational outdoors sports involving animals.