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    Kobe Van Reppelen

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    Joke Timmermans

One of the most recent requests, in 2014, came from the huge Dutch exhaust pipe company, Bosal, which has its head office in Lummen, in Limburg. Originating in Alkmaar, in 1923, Bosal produces the exhaust systems for passenger aircraft and lorries, towbars, bike carriers and diesel particle filters.

There’s a good chance that your vehicle, or at least one vehicle in your street, has a direct link to Lummen. The giant manufacturer targets both industrial applications and the replacements market.

With ‘composite exhaust element’ and ‘muffler for an exhaust system of an internal combustion engine’, the names on Bosal’s patent applications, core products are further developed. Noteworthy: Bosal’s patents are exploited through a Cypriot holding company. Cyprus as a choice is no surprise, but it is noteworthy on our Limburg list. Eighty percent of income generated from patents worldwide is not taxed there, minus the costs incurred by the invention. Legal? Of course! It goes to show the potential advantages of international treaties. Should you be in the market for such an advantage, you can apply to the Big Four (accounting firms).

It’s no surprise that a global player, with an industrial focus, submits various patents. Bosal is one of the larger companies with roots in Limburg, with 4,900 employees worldwide, 34 factories and five R&D and eighteen distribution centres.