Dubio – Roel Vandebeek

Nelissen Bricks and product designer Roel Vandebeek surprise the industry with a world first: the Dubio. Dubio is a brick with shadow lines that creates an illusion of two thin stacked bricks. Dubio 1 has a symmetrical joint and Dubio 2 an asymmetrical joint. This gives the architect creative options with an ecological touch that were not previously possible. Dubio is nominated for the Henry van de Velde awards in the category Efficiency. 

Architects are designing more and more facades in which the bricks are glued, that is why the demand for an original linear pattern has also dramatically increased. Therefore, Dubio’s aim is to provide a durable answer using existing production capabilities in accordance with the principle of ‘sustainable building’.

The new Dubio brick is based on the N70 brick. The compact Dubio brick is 3 centimetres thinner than a standard brick, creating space for additional insulation in the outside wall or creating a bigger living space. If Dubio bricks are used in a construction project, the weight of the total number of bricks required is 30% less than that of standard bricks, resulting in a 30% reduction in transport costs. That is why it is possible for the brick manufacturer to offer architects the opportunity to combine aesthetics and durability.

With Dubio we not only focus on the brick itself, but also on the broader context of the facade. You can compare it with a tile floor and its vast array of patterns. By adding extra shadow joints to the bricks, a unique pattern is obtained. Dubio (is it one brick or two?) gives the impression that the facade is built using thin, glued bricks. These bricks are amazingly thin and at that thickness, bricks are never baked because of the risk of being warped. They also would not create as much interest, because larger amounts would be too expensive to mortar. Additionally, because Dubio’s height is the same as that of a standard brick, the yield on the building is the same. However, the illusion is created of having used double the number of bricks.

Different combinations create a surprising design of new patterns, and make natural patterns possible. With Dubio you can achieve creations that are not possible with standard bricks. Dubio 1 and 2 can be used individually or can also be combined with full standard bricks. These bricks can be placed in various colours both horizontally and vertically.

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