Nursing bra

  • Words

    Kobe Van Reppelen

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    Joke Timmermans

In our region, breast-feeding is a widely-accepted way of feeding babies. The advantages of breast-feeding are well-known. However, one big objection is constantly raised: breast-feeding is not practical for the mother. The women at Mammae have a solution: a breast-feeding bra.

It took until 2013 to get the patent approved in the United States and Europe, but since then, the whole thing has really taken off. What’s unique about the patent is that it contains permission for the whole bra, instead of the usual parts of clothing. The bra solves the problem of indiscretion, and potentially gives access to a world market.

Mammae has around 220 sales points in the Benelux, and is now expanding the range of bras with a comfortable maternity clothing line. Incidentally, mammae doesn’t mean ‘Mama’; it’s Latin for ‘breasts’.