Theomatik – Studio Frédéric Boonen

Theomatik is a table tool for people with only one functional arm. The idea came from Theo Willen, and Frédéric Boonen designed the product. Theomatik is nominated for the Henry van de Velde awards in the category Healthcare. 

With Theomatik, people who aren’t able to use both arms can easily open items like butter dishes, jam jars or sugar. The idea came from Theo Willen, who is volunteering in the St.-Ursula rehabilitation center. There he noticed how many people are every meal confronted with their disabilities and thus need the help of an other person when they want to eat.

Together with the occupational therapists of the Jessa Hospital rehabilitation center, Boonen design studio worked out this idea and made the aesthetic translation to a compact, hygienic design that is not stigmatizing. This was done by designing the Theomatik in the form of a plate, so that it looks similar to the average kitchen accessories. In addition. The anti-slip underside provides a stable grip on the table surface and makes it even easier to open jars.

Thanks to its sleek design and its multi-employability – without a stigmatizing side effect – Theomatik is not only a waterproof solution for people staying in a rehabilitation center, but for anyone struggling with an outbreak of one arm.

More info about the Henry van de Velde award, click here.