Design icon ‘G55’ – Michaël Verheyden

Every other week, we propose a Limburg design icon together with Sjiek / Het Belang Van Limburg, or one that is well on its way to becoming one. This week it is G55 by Michaël Verheyden.

WHAT: A sling chair tubular furniture with a leather seat.

YEAR: 2012

Michaël Verheyden (° 1978) debuted in 2002 with a collection of leather accessories, but evolved towards balanced high-end decorative objects, furniture and lighting. You could call him an a (rche) typical designer. Because he is both designer and maker: he puts everything to his will, as a dedicated craftsman. And because simplicity takes precedence and decorates simplicity, he prefers to start from archetypes and never from a far-fetched concept.


The G55 seat occupies a special place in Michaël Verheyden’s oeuvre that may gradually be called impressive. “It is one of my most elegant works,” says the designer of the 2012 chair. “And, moreover, light. The metal tube frame does not weigh much at all and consists of one piece. An artisan Belgian tanned saddle leather is then sewn to it with a handstitch. ” With your own hands, yes. Because Verheyden considers quality of paramount importance, but mainly because the designer-maker subscribes to a long tradition of crafts and handicrafts.

“The design of the G55 was created on the way home from Milan. I went there to visit the annual furniture fair together with Saartje and Geoffrey. ” With that he refers to his wife and Geoffrey Brusatto, next to soulmate also renowned (typo) graphic designer. “That G is a joke reference to him. But it is really on the way back in the car that I got the idea for the seat… I actually design more often on the road. As if I only then find the time to think about things. ”


And the 55? Well, that refers to the 5.5 meter long tube used for the frame. But to get from a tube and a piece of leather to a G55, Michaël Verheyden still had to think. “I can still see myself standing in the parking lot of a befriended steel wholesaler, with such a device for folding plumbing pipes. Many passers-by may have wondered what I was doing there. Well, I had a lot of fun that day. ”

The natural elegance of the G55 is Verheyden’s trademark. Even though he has thrown a bit more weight in the past few years with more massive or monumental work. It always shows a kind of “contemplative minimalism”. He always works with as little “shape and material” as possible to achieve maximum effect. Details determine the design. Whether it is traditional leather or wood carving, weaving, sewing or stone cutting, Verheyden is driven by a never-ending perfectionism and keeps as much grip as possible. Even though he has an extensive network of professionals he works with. No product is shipped from his Genk studio without him having a hand in it. And the world eagerly eats out of it.

The G55 is 80 cm high, 60 cm wide and 1 meter deep. (Price) Available on request.