Gepatenteerde innovaties

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    Kobe Van Reppelen

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    Joke Timmermans

“Where can I find innovation in our Limburg industry?” To answer that question, we have to dig deep into twenty-five years of Limburg innovation. Our companies are, consciously or not, responsible for widespread systems, ways of thinking and products. From soutiens (supports) to bird rings to beer crates, there’s a real likelihood that a Limburg company had something to do with it. Limburg is known for its industrial and logistics capacity, reason enough to offer a list of well-known and also unknown innovations which, from a design point of view, put our region on the map.

Plastic crates

D.W. Plastics, the Bilzen specialist in the manufacture of crates for beer and soft drinks patented its first design, according to our records, in 1993. The Limburg producer was a pioneer in the technology used to make Injection Moulded products. Clients include…

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One of the most recent requests, in 2014, came from the huge Dutch exhaust pipe company, Bosal, which has its head office in Lummen, in Limburg. Originating in Alkmaar, in 1923, Bosal produces the exhaust systems for passenger aircraft and lorries, towbars,…

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Nursing bra

In our region, breast-feeding is a widely-accepted way of feeding babies. The advantages of breast-feeding are well-known. However, one big objection is constantly raised: breast-feeding is not practical for the mother. The women at Mammae have a solution: a breast-feeding bra. It…

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Bird rings

The title of a patent often leaves much to the imagination, and ‘improved bird ring’ is no exception. However, the applicant, Smisdom Plastics, named after founder Geert Smisdom, is an institution in the world of identity rings for birds, pigeons and poultry.…

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Monroe is the country’s best-known producer of shock absorbers. The company, from Sint-Truiden, has been producing the latest shock absorbers, which drastically improve your driving comfort and mine, since 1964. The company is the odd one out: neither Monroe, nor Tenneco, appears…

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